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Calvary Temple Man Arrested

News broke on August 16, 2018 of the arrest and incarceration of Kevin O’Connor, formerly a deacon, and currently a member, of Calvary Temple in Sterling, VA. O’Connor has been indicted on 7 counts of sexual assault on a minor. Though many in leadership and amongst the congregation knew of his sexual assaults on the child, the LCSO did not bring charges for 15 years. Many questions remain as to why this case was not pursued but for now, Kevin O’Connor sits in the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center with no bond.

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Calvary Temple Warning



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The Calvary Temple Cult located in Sterling, VA, puts on four “free” sports and cheer camps each year over a two-week period. They tout themselves as “Christian” yet their leader, Star Robert Scott and other members are currently under an active three-plus year investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office for allegations of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.

As recently as Monday, June 25, 2018, yet another comprehensive article was posted online by The Washington Post, further exposing and outlining the severe abuse and destruction to people, to children, and to families carried out, ordered or committed by Bob Scott, and far too many others in this place.

(See The Exiles: Former members say Calvary Temple in Virginia pressures people to banish loved ones. What happens to those who leave?)

The article will be featured in The Washington Post Magazine, published on July 1, 2018, in the Washington Post Sunday newspaper. Please be sure to read the article whether it be online or in print.

We’ve been speaking out hoping to make the Washington DC Metro area, particularly the Sterling/Ashburn communities, aware of Calvary Temple. A simple Google search yields so much information regarding CT leadership and members’ destruction and abuse of entire family units.

Please, please, please do not attend these camps. While “free”, the cost to you and your children is astronomical. Please keep your family safe.

(Spanish Version) Mensaje de advertencia a las Comunidades de Sterling y las áreas circundantes 27 de junio de 2018

El Calvary Temple Cult ubicado en Sterling, VA, ofrece cuatro deportes “gratuitos” y campamentos de animado cada año durante un período de dos semanas. Se anuncian a sí mismos como “cristianos”, pero su líder, Star Robert Scott y otros miembros se encuentran actualmente bajo una investigación activa de más de tres años por parte de la Oficina del Sheriff del condado de Loudoun por denuncias de ABUSO SEXUAL DE NIÑOS.

Recientemente, el lunes 25 de junio de 2018, otro artículo completo fue publicado en línea por The Washington Post, exponiendo y delineando aún más el severo abuso y destrucción a personas, niños y familias llevadas a cabo, ordenadas o cometidas por Bob Scott, y demasiados otros en este lugar.

(Ver The Exiles: Antiguos miembros dicen que el Templo de Calvary en Virginia presiona a las personas para que desterren a sus seres queridos. ¿Qué sucede con los que se van?)

El artículo será presentado en The Washington Post Magazine, publicado el 1 de julio de 2018, en el periódico The Washington Post Sunday. Por favor, asegúrese de leer el artículo ya sea en línea o impreso.

Hemos estado hablando con la esperanza de que el área metropolitana de Washington DC, particularmente las comunidades Sterling / Ashburn, conozcan el Templo Calvary. Una simple búsqueda en Google arroja mucha información sobre el liderazgo de CT y la destrucción y abuso de miembros de unidades familiares enteras.

Por favor, por favor, no asistan a estos campamentos. Mientras que es “gratis”, el costo para usted y sus hijos es astronómico. Por favor, mantenga segura a su familia.


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Calvary Temple in the News

Calvary Temple in the News

Once again, Calvary Temple is being exposed. Years of sexual, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse have been recounted by courageous men and women. Leading the pack of evildoers inside of Calvary Temple? Star Robert Scott.


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Coming July 1st….

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National Organization Exposes Calvary Temple of Sterling, VA

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Event canceled

The reunion protest scheduled for Wednesday September 6 has been canceled due to weather. We will be rescheduling at a later date so please check back often. Thanks for your support!

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We’re Still Here-Protest – Wednesday 9/6

Reunion Protest Against Calvary Temple

We’re still here, folks! We may have taken a physical break from protesting, but in our hearts, we’ve never left. Will you please join us in continuing to stand against Calvary Temple with all the evil, harm, and damage it’s doing in our community? We hope to see you there. Feel free to bring your own sign.

Location: across the street from Calvary Temple Church on Triple 7 in Sterling Wednesday,  September 6, 2017 . 6:15pm – until approximately 7:30

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Calvary Temple is holding their summer car and motorcycle show on Saturday, August 19, 2017. Please do not support this event with your participation or attendance. Calvary Temple is being investigated by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department for child sexual abuse. In addition, Calvary Temple has been investigated by the FBI, IRS, ATF, and the Virginia State Police.

Please know that Calvary Temple holds these events for the purpose of recruiting new members. Unfortunately, 100s of past members have been harmed by the leadership of Calvary Temple. Many have had their families divided and destroyed, have given thousands of dollars into the church that was not used for the purpose it was required, and have suffered physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

For more information, please follow the links to other blogs and newspaper reports about Calvary Temple.

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