Update – January 3, 2016

As 2016 begins, the investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office continues into the child sexual and physical abuses of Calvary Temple. We were encouraged this past month when we learned that Kevin Robinette, long time Calvary Temple member and a sheriff with the LCSO, will not be re-hired by the department as of January 1, 2016. It has long been our contention that there is reason to believe he has “protected” Star Scott and Calvary through his position and influence. Apparently, LCSO agrees.

The peaceful protests across from Calvary Temple on Triple 7 have continued on a weekly basis since March 2015 and will continue for the foreseeable future. Our goal has been to warn the community of Sterling and surrounding areas of the ongoing investigation and the dangers of attending Calvary Temple. We believe we have made significant progress. Secondarily, we hope to let Calvary Temple members know we are willing to help them in any way possible should they decide to leave CT. We personally know the emotional, psychological, financial and spiritual cost of leaving Calvary. Losing family members and life-long friends is one of the most devastating costs. Having the support of those who have already gone through the extremely difficult leaving process is very valuable.

At our protest today we encountered first-hand the rage and hatred of one Calvary Temple member. The following is a first-hand account of the events:

Sooo…where to begin…today’s protest was, shall we say…interesting and eventful…
There were four of us today: me, Marsha F., Michael F., and John M. We had decided to protest only the “Exodus” and boy did we get more than we opted for!
First, Marsha poured oil, and she and I prayed that all those leaving that place today would have their eyes, ears, and hearts opened…that today would be the day that they were set free. Then we saw an Eagle soaring overhead for over 5 minutes…something we’ve never seen there before.It was a normal exit, much like the majority of exits that we have stood and watched Sunday after Sunday. Then all of a sudden…BAM!!!
A lone woman leaving the CT parking lot sat in her car at the entrance reading our signs. She seemed to be taking a very long time and the cars waiting to leave were piling up behind her. Then she slowly began moving her car forward into the road, and came to a stop diagonal in the road across blocking both lanes, straddling the double yellow dividing line. She then rolled down her window, then opened her door and starting yelling at us, shouting profanity at us…we just could not believe what was happening. She was using the “F” word just about every other word, stating that Calvary Temple was the best church in the universe, that Star Scott was the best pastor, she said over and over how much she loved him, how we were in rebellion, she damned us to Hell over and over…we were dumbfounded! Traffic in both directions started to pile up.
And, believe it or not, Calvary Temple-ites did nothing…they either drove out of there, or they just stood and stared as one of their own verbally assaulted us. Finally, one of the “pastors”, Jon Miller, was starting to leave when we motioned to him, then to the woman, saying that he needed to do something about one of his attendees. He finally got a clue and turned his car around and parked. Then he and Greg Parker went to the woman and told her that she wasn’t well and that she needed to go home. And then in true CT fashion, told the woman that she needed to do what he was telling her to do. She finally left. 
BUT…not before I called 911. I wanted to file a report about this abuse. Calvary Temple has called the cops on us several times, lying that we yell obscenities to their parishioners, and we have NEVER done that. Yet today, as we stood there quietly protesting as we have every Sunday since March…we were verbally assaulted…by Calvary Temple.
Two LCSO Deputies came, two that we’ve never met before, and they listened to what happened, and then they listened to our stories about CT…and I believe that they were horrified…
Unfortunately there were no laws broken, but we were so happy to have yet another opportunity to continue to shine the spotlight on that evil place. ~ Michelle F.

If you are new to this site, please take time to look at the newspaper articles, TV reports, and blogs (as well as the Facebook page) that expose Calvary Temple. CT is a very dangerous place and we will continue to warn our community.

One final note:  the majority of ex-Calvary Temple members are Christians who support local churches.  We are NOT saying all churches are cults – just this one.


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